They are without doubt...

“the greatest sock’n’roll band in the world!”

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  • Rio on Guitar

  • Literally out of this world…no really! He comes from Planet Rock
  • Loves a bandana
  • His favourite catch phrase is ‘Keep it Rio!’

  • Cousin Mac on Keyboards

  • Andy’s 14th cousin twice removed from the Highlands of Scotland
  • Loves to invent things... lots of things!
  • Groovy Hoover’s best friend

  • Moxy on Drums

  • Loud and proud
  • Ready to tackle any problem that comes her way
  • Loves to rap when she can

  • Andy, Singer

  • Big Hair, Big Voice, Big Socks
  • Loves his silver jacket so much that he sleeps in it
  • The leader of the Odd Socks

  • Blu on Bass

  • Even bigger hair than Andy
  • The brains of the band, Blu always knows exactly what to do
  • Has a great sunglasses collection

One day Andy had an Amazing Dream about starting a band that would

Take over the world!

A dream so real that when he woke up, he knew he had to make that dream come true.