Join us for our annual

Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day for Anti Bullying Week 2020

We are delighted to once again be supporting Odd Socks Day and Anti Bullying Week 2020, starting Monday 16th November.

As patrons of the Anti Bullying Alliance, we are proud to be working with them again to help promote the message of acceptance, understanding, respect, and that everyone is equal.

This year’s theme for Anti Bullying Week is ‘United Against Bullying’. Never before has that message meant so much.

In 2019, over half the primary schools in the country took part… that’s over 5 million children! We are so impressed with the effort that the children go to, to make Odd Socks Day as big and as brilliant as it has become.

We would love to beat that amazing figure and have all schools taking part this year!

We've recorded a brilliant new charity song and video especially for Anti-Bullying Week called The Kids Are United. We even spoke to school children all over the country to help write the rap! Odd Socks Day is such a simple awareness raiser and we really hope your school will get on board and join in the fun!

The Kids Are United - official Anti-Bullying Week 2020 charity is out now, video released 2nd November

Below are some of the amazing photos from previous years Odd Socks Day.

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