Our new TV show

Andy and the Band

available to watch now on BBC iPlayer

Series 1: 1. Ruby The Superfan

Ruby wants to meet her hero, Fay Moss so Andy and the Band devise a stylish plan!

Series 1: 2. Best Holiday Ever

Kaylim has an unusual holiday headache but Andy and the Band are on hand to help!

Series 1: 3. Here Boy!

Andy and the Band try to train Odd Sock Alana’s disobedient poodle pup Monty.

Series 1: 4. Too Many Cooks

Andy and the Band try to find a recipe for success for Odd Sock café owner Mimi.

Series 1: 5. Hair Raising Rescue

Ivy needs help with her sticky-uppy hair. Andy and the Band to the rescue....

Series 1: 6. Can I Have My Ball Back?

Andy and the Band tackle the world’s scariest next-door neighbour for Odd Sock Elliott.

Series 1: 7. Record Breaker Kid

Aniya needs to break a Planet Record and Andy and the Band won’t give up until it’s done!

Series 1: 8. Screen Savers

Andy and the Band try to convince Hattie Hardface that the local cinema shouldn’t close.

Series 1: 9. Can’t Stop Dancing

Tyler’s dance crew are missing! Andy and the band put their best feet forward.

Series 1: 10. Save Our Snails

Theo wants to save some snails, so Andy and the Band perform a special protest song.

Series 1: 11. Operation Gym Kit

Georgia needs her PE kit from a lost property cupboard, so Andy and the Band come to help

Series 1: 12. Art & Crafty

Mary has a vase to protect. Andy and the band increase security but there’s a thief about

Series 1: 13. Chicken Translator

Henny Feathers’ chickens aren’t laying eggs, so Andy and the Band devise a cracking plan.

Series 1: 14. Rock-A-Bye Baby

Freddie’s sister screams so loudly that Andy and the Band perform the ultimate lullaby.

Series 1: 15. We Are Family

Andy has lost his voice, so who will take his place as lead-singer for today’s gig?